Adair Auto Repair
4.84/5.00, based on 56 ratings; 45 user reviews

  Philippa, 04/13/2018

Thank you for the timely email reminders. I love being able to book an appointment online and always know I will receive the best service possible and you are all both handsome and handy !

  Graham, 03/20/2018

I stumbled onto Adair after hearing the name on a radio ad. My vehicle is a 1991 Plymouth Laser that had been idle for a few years due to something mechanical that hadn't been diagnosed or resolved. I turned my car over to Adair based on a very good first impression with the questions that I had emailed to them and with blind faith left it in their hands to diagnose and fix whatever we agreed to. They were fantastic about getting back to me and allowed me to decide which repairs I wanted but did give guidance on safety, performance etc. as part of helping me make an informed decision. I never felt I was being taken advantage of once nor did I think they recommended or did anything that was not required. It actually was a relief to just get good and genuine service that didn't feel like an upsell whatsoever. I would recommend Adair without hesitation and my kids thank you for getting this car back on the road in a safe running condition again.

  Rabia, 03/02/2018

Friendly and honest service. Thank you for helping to ensure timely service and for arranging transportation.

  Thomas, 02/27/2018

Great customer service; all questions pertaining to both of my vehicles answered quickly; workmanship towards inspection of both vehicles was completed efficiently .. and review of any areas needing attention was explained very well .... Great value for the monies spent ....

  Gary, 02/15/2018

I know I can trust them to do good work. They saved me again today. Keep up the great work!

  Candy, 02/15/2018

A 4+ for sure - Seamus and the guys at Adair have been very accommodating and honest with any of my VW repairs/recommendations. Looking forward to the summer season where they can step it up and oversee the maintenance of my Audi Convert... Thanks guys!!

  Adrian, 02/08/2018

Overall great service! Very friendly Staff. Would deffinitely come back for car repairs. :)

  Beqir, 02/01/2018

Good service, professional and honest!

  John, 01/25/2018

Always great service, and friendly staff

  Dan, 01/19/2018

Always ready to help! Thanks so much for all you do

  Gordon, 01/11/2018

Excellent service, spefficient and prompt.

  Bonnie, 01/11/2018

I?ve been using Adair for a few years now with my BMW. The number of times I?ve had to visit them is appalling, but I apparently have a lemon. They are good about getting my car back up and running when it?s towed there without a planned appointment. They know their stuff and do a good job every time. My father-in-law brought in their ?98 Maxima that had a drain on the battery which meant they had to give it a boost every time they needed to use it. Adair found the problem which was simple but went undetected by two other shops. These guys don?t mess around fixing things that don?t need to be fixed and they find the source of the problem. Another reason I keep coming back (over and over and over) is because they allow me to take a loaner vehicle to get around the city while my car is in the shop. Without it, I wouldn?t be able to manage. It?s great to have a reliable and honest business I can trust for keeping my car on the road.

  Bruce, 12/07/2017

Pleased with all their work

  Andrea, 11/17/2017

Thanks again to the amazing team at Adair Auto. My old Audi was leaking coolant and once investigated they also found leaking oil. This was something they had worked on the last visit and seeing as it had not been even a year let me know they would take care of it at no additional cost and would be covered under warranty. WHAT????? Seriously when does that EVER happen, unbelievable , the best service, and most honest guys I've every debt with. I will never take my care anywhere else. THANK YOU!!!! AGAIN!!!!!! Andrea

  Matt, 11/13/2017

I came to Adair looking for service for a hybrid vehicle, and have been very happy! Reasonable rates and prompt, friendly service, easy to get appointments.

  John, 11/09/2017

You folks are GREAT. I know I can trust you to care for my vehicles. Instead of just randomly trying to fix 4 different things you wirked at it to find the 1 thing that was wrong with my van and then gave me options as to directions sbout repairs. NO ONE really does this. Instead they try to get me to repair all 4 things and only thier way of doing it. 5 stars guys KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

  Beqir, 11/02/2017

Professional, honest and very friendly! Thank you

  Eseosa, 10/30/2017

Adair auto has very friendly and professional saff. The waiting area is well equipped with coffee, television, toys for kids. Loved the service and highly recommend.

  Wally, 10/14/2017

Great Service and Prices! I like their detailed quotes before requesting the service to be carried out.

  Ian, 10/13/2017

Great service and friendly staff. Very helpful with suggestions and recommendations for my vehicles.